Faults, Repairs and Upgrades

Leighton Buzzard computer repairs and upgrades
Whether liquid has been spilt into your keyboard, you’ve cracked your screen, or your computer is simply getting old or slow, we can help. Not all faults are solvable but we’ll use every ounce of our expertise to find a solution for you.

It is always our first priority to make sure your data is safe. Once we’ve done that, we’ll look at how to repair your PC or Apple Mac.

Often a small tweak and some extra memory is all it takes to speed up your computer and give it a new lease of life. Sometimes it requires more complex work if your hard drive is suffering and causing your computer to slow down or crash. On occasion, it may simply be time to say goodbye to your old computer and get a new one. If that’s the case, we can provide clear, friendly, unbiased advice on which computer would suit your needs.

Please contact us today if you have a problem and require computer repairs, and we’ll get straight on the case.

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