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Support for home computers in Leighton Buzzard & Milton Keynes
We’ve been helping people purchase, use and fix their home computers for many years so if you need help, please call our friendly team and we’ll do all we can to resolve your problem or find a solution.

Whether you need a friendly, local expert to set up your PC or Apple Mac, connect you to the Internet with Wi-Fi in your house, or solve a problem with a slow computer, a virus or a crashing machine, we can help.

You can trust us completely to use every tool at our disposal to find you the best option, and save the important, precious files, such as photos and music, held on your computer.

We always translate computer jargon into simple, everyday language, keeping you in the loop and up-to-date with technology, and you’ll always receive honest advice and an estimate upfront on cost and time for each job.

If it’s computer related, please call us on
07968 536068 or 01525 261381

contact-phoneMobile: 07968 536068 (Preferred)    contact-phoneTelephone: 01525 261381
contact-phoneEmail:[email protected]

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