Install and Set-Up

Computer Installation and Set up - Eaton Bray and Edlesborough
If you have a new computer and wish to either set it up, configure it, make it work with all the peripherals, e.g. wireless devices, scanners, printers, we can help.

If we have helped you with the purchase of your new computer, we won’t just deliver the box to you. We will set up your PC or Apple Mac to work in your environment – at home or at work. We’ll make sure your computer works first by testing it in our workshop.

We’ll then personalise it, load the applications you need, turn off the ones you don’t, and sort out all your updates.

Most importantly, we’ll create recovery disks for you where applicable, for that extra peace of mind so if anything does go horribly wrong all is not lost.

If you have existing data on your old computer, we’ll transfer it all onto your new machine safely, and then we’ll connect you to the Internet and sort out your cabling and Wi-Fi.

We’ll get you up and running, ready to go in the shortest possible time.

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