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Is it really Microsoft calling you at home?

Thousands of people worldwide are continuing to receive calls at home from people claiming to be ringing on behalf of the technical or security departments of Microsoft or Windows.

First and foremost, unless you have contacted Microsoft yourself about a problem, they will not contact you so please ignore the call and put the phone down.

It’s no surprise that so many people have fallen for the scam. The people who call are very convincing. They appear to know who you are and, after instructing you to carry out a few simple tasks on your computer, appear to be able to fix your system’s problems. They play on the fear of viruses and the technical unknown, using scare tactics about crashing computers, security invasion and loss of data. Continue reading

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Welcome to the Computamation Blog

Hello and welcome to the new Computamation blog… and our brand new website. We’ve spent so many years helping home users and small businesses with their computer problems over the phone and face-to-face, we thought it was about time we … Continue reading

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